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Hi there!  My name is Susan Roth, I am the owner of Susie's Garden Services, LLC. I am certified by the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association as a Landscape and Nursery professional.  I am also certified by the TCEQ to install and maintain irrigation systems and an International Society of Arboriculture certified Arborist.


Susie's Garden Services includes small landscape and garden design. Weekly, monthly and seasonal care to small gardens and patio homes; for both indoor and outdoor plants.  Specializing in containers, edible gardening and home staging of outdoor spaces.  Irrigation installation, maintenance, and repair.  Micro-irrigation and drip systems. Weekly, monthly and seasonal services available for both indoor and outdoor plants are available


We take our time and pay attention to the small details that are often overlooked by typical landscape care companies.  We care for your trees, shrubs, and flowers of all sizes.

We are your go-to company for deadheading perennials, weeding flower beds, and planting new annuals, perennials and vegetables. We prune flowering shrubs, fertilize and trim according to the needs of the season. 

We practice Earth-Kind® Landscaping and organic gardening. We install Micro-Drip Irrigation Systems that are very user-friendly!


We service the Greater Houston Area, Galveston and surrounding cities.


Susie's Garden Services can design, plan and install small landscape projects, we specialize in container and edible gardens. We also stage outdoor spaces for houses about to go on the market and maintain the properties while they are listed for sale.


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We Are Not A Lawn Care Service

         Susie's Garden Services is different than other maintenance companies. So many people have complained about the lack of attention to detail that their lawn care service provides them.  Very few companies today offer true gardening services.  It is the nature of the lawn care business to get in and out and to the next job as quickly as they can. We are NOT a "mow blow and go" company..

​         We also provide Garden Coaching Services. We will come work with homeowners and/or their existing yard guys to show them how and what to prune, fertilize, trim  and the correct time of year to do it.  We help to show them best practices for treating insects and weeds.  We do not mow, weedwack or edge, but we know people who do!

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