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Container Gardening

Annuals, Perennials, Vegeatables and Herbs

We can help you decide which size and shape of containers best suits your outdoor area.  We will plant your pots with appropiriate plants for your site conditions.  Our maintenaces services are offered on a weekly or monthly basis.  We will deadhead, trim, fertilize and clean up the plants. We treat for insects, disease and fungus as needed. Plants will be replaced as needed or complete seasaonal change outs are available. Susie's Garden Services will customize a maintenance plan that fits your budget and schedule.

Irrigation Installation

We specialize in Drip and Micro Spray Irrigation Systems 

We can retrofit your existing irrigation sytem with drip lines around established landscaping.  If you have small areas we can install low pressure or micro spray systems in beds so that no water is wasted. We can also install or add an automated system to water all of your containers, hanging baskets and patio pots.


Garden Services

Seasonal Color Changes, Weekly and Monthly Garden Care

Much like our container services, we will help you manage your garden and work with your existing landscaping maintenance crew. We offer Garden Coaching Services where we can visit you seasonally and show you what needs to be trimmed, pruned, fertilized, removed and relocated. We can also make site visits either weekly, biweekly or monthly to deadhead, pull weeds, keep an eye out for problems like insects, fungus and check the irrigation system for watering issues.

Hire Susie's Graden Services to plant bulbs, perennials and seasonal color to insure you have a show stopping yard that will be the envy of your neighbors!

We can also help you stage your outdoor space in preparation for sale of your home and ensure it is always looking its best while it is on the market.


Image Editing, Design and Project Estimates

We can help you envision the final product

Are you a DYI? We are happy to assist you to with the design and vision for your new small garden project. We will also help you figure out material costs and time to install.

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